Conditional Admission

New Mexico State University offers conditional admission to undergraduate students who are academically admissible based on the student’s academic record and other university and/or departmental and program requirements, except for English proficiency. In this context, a student’s admission is “conditional” based upon satisfying specific requirements prior to full admission. Once these requirements for college or university admission are fulfilled, students are able to fully matriculate. These requirements will be outlined in a student’s Conditional Letter of Admission.

Minimum English proficiency scores for regular undergraduate admission to NMSU are:

  • TOEFL scores above 520 paper-based or 68 internet-based
  • IELTS scores above a 6.0
  • Pearson Test of English scores above 51

Minimum English proficiency scores for regular graduate admission to NMSU are:

  • TOEFL scores above 550 paper-based or 79 internet-based
  • IELTS scores above a 6.5

Undergraduate Students

With NMSU’s Conditional Admission policy, international undergraduate students can be conditionally admitted to NMSU for intensive English through CELP if the student has applied to NMSU with any of the following:

  • TOEFL scores lower than 520 paper-based or 68 internet-based
  • IELTS scores below a 6.0
  • Pearson Test of English scores below 51
  • No English Test Scores

Once you have completed the CELP program or attained the minimum English proficiency requirement, you can complete your enrollment and matriculate into New Mexico State University.

How to Apply for Undergraduate Conditional Admission:

Step 1. Visit to confirm that you meet all NMSU admission requirements except the language requirement.

Step 2. Complete the NMSU Online Application:

  • Click on Create Account
  • Complete the Application Account Creation Form

Make sure to write down your login and password details so that you can access your application later if the need arises

  • Login and begin application
  • Submit application along with official transcripts and TOEFL or IELTS scores (if student has them)

Note: Students who are applying for conditional admission and do not have TOEFL or IELTS scores do not need to submit scores for admission. However, a brief memo must be included that states that a TOEFL or IELTS score will not be submitted with the packet.

Step 3. A Conditional Admission Letter from NMSU will be issued by International Student and Scholar Services.

Step 4. Complete the CELP Online Application


Graduate Students

Prospective International Graduate Students are admitted directly into CELP, and upon completion of the Intensive English Program, will be issued a TOEFL/IELTS waiver by CELP that satisfies the English language requirements for admission. At this point, the prospective graduate student can complete the application procedures for graduate study at the Master’s or Doctoral level at NMSU.

1. Prospective International Graduate student applies directly to CELP
2. Student participates in the Intensive English Program (IEP) through NMSU’s Center for English Language Programs until the completion of the final level.
3. Student is issued a TOEFL/IELTS waiver that satisfies the English language requirement for admission to Graduate School
4. Student finalizes application and admission requirement for Graduate School at NMSU

Prospective International Graduate Students who complete the CELP program apply for Graduate School for consideration of admission into a Master’s or Doctoral program. See eligibility requirements for Graduate School admission in the section entitled, “Eligibility Requirements for Prospective Graduate Students.”

Eligibility Requirements for Prospective Graduate Students


This program is designed for prospective Graduate Students who do not meet the minimum English language requirements for regular admission. Prospective Graduate Students with TOEFL scores lower than 550 paper-based or 79 internet-based or score below a 6.5 on the IELTS are eligible to apply. Students must also meet the eligibility requirements for graduate admissions as outlined below:

  • Students seeking admission to graduate school at New Mexico State University must hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree from a regionally accredited institution. The program of preparation should be substantially equivalent in the distribution of academic subject matter to the requirements for a comparable degree at NMSU.
  • No student is officially admitted into a graduate program until a Certificate of Admission has been issued by the Graduate School. Although the Graduate School considers this certificate valid for a one year period, academic departments may require re-application if the admitted applicant does not enroll in the semester noted in the Certificate of Admission.
  • Formal application is required for all prospective students, including graduates of NMSU, who seek admission to a graduate program.
  • Students must submit the Application for Admission, as well as other supplemental documents required by the academic department.
  • Supplemental documents may include, but are not limited to, unofficial college transcripts, test scores (TOEFL/IELTS waiver from CELP, GRE, and GMAT), statement of purpose, writing samples, and letters of recommendation.
  • If a student is recommended for admission by the academic department, the student will be required to submit official transcripts, test scores, and the appropriate application fee directly to the Graduate School. Other official documents may be required. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the prior colleges or university directly to the Graduate School. No hand-carried documents will be accepted unless received in an official, sealed envelope.

Application Process for Graduate Students Only

Apply directly to CELP at:


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