Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Pre Arrival
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Arrival
  4. During Session
  5. Post Session
  6. Emergency Departure

1. Pre Arrival

How much do I pay for course fees?

Course fees differ according to the program.  The fees for each course are listed on each program page.

When does the session begin and end?
When planning your trip, please check the CELP website for program dates.

If my country pays for my courses, do I have to pay the application fee online?

Yes, all students are required to pay a $100 non-refundable application fee when applying online.

How do I pay the application fee?

Once you have completed your application, do not close out or submit your application. You will be prompted to pay the $100 non-refundable application fee. Direct instruction on how to pay the fee can be found here. Once you have paid the fee, you will receive a seven-digit RECEIPT NUMBER. Enter the receipt number in the area on the application that asks for this number. Once you have added the receipt number to your application, THEN submit the application. Your application will then be complete!

I applied and paid the application fee. What happens next?

Once you have applied online, the application will be reviewed by the CELP office. You must be 18 years or older of age to be accepted to CELP. Once approved, you will receive an acceptance letter via the email address you submitted on your application. PLEASE READ THE LETTER COMPLETELY. There are VERY important dates at the bottom of the letter.
Please make sure you know what dates you are required to attend the English placement test and orientation.

I have received my acceptance letter. When do I get my I-20?

The Center for English Language Programs does not process any government documents.
Please contact the Office of International Student and Scholar Services for information regarding your I-20.


2. Health Insurance

NMSU requires all F-1 and J-1 students to purchase and continually maintain major medical health insurance, which includes repatriation and medical evacuation of a minimum of $10,000. Travel insurance purchased in your home country is not acceptable. CELP will purchase health insurance for all students. Students who are sponsored by certain governmental cultural missions/offices will not see this charge. Students enrolled in CELP are able to use the NMSU Campus Health Center.

Do I have to buy health insurance?

If you are not sponsored by your government and are a full-time student, you are required by New Mexico State University to be covered by health insurance.

May I buy my own health insurance and not buy CELP health insurance?

No. Full-time CELP students are required to purchase health insurance through the CELP main office. NMSU will not approve other international health policies.

Do my dependents need health insurance?

Dependents (spouse or child) of students must also have health insurance and should come to CELP for information about appropriate health insurance policies. CELP staff will assist them in purchasing insurance. NMSU will not approve other international health policies. If a student’s dependents do not have appropriate health insurance, the student will have a hold on their account which will prevent them from continuing courses for future sessions.

How much does CELP health insurance cost?

Currently NMSU and CELP purchase health insurance from HTH Worldwide.  Their current rate as of 2017 is $100 per month.  This price is subject to change.

Will CELP insurance cover my family?

If family coverage is needed, the CELP office will direct you to the Office of International Student and Scholar Services to purchase dependent insurance.


3. Arrival

I took a placement test. When do I get my grade?

  • Students learn of their placement on the day before classes begin, when they receive their course schedules.
  • Students are considered registered the moment their course schedule is generated.
  • If a student does not pick up their course schedule until after classes have begun, the student is absent for any classes not attended.

Do I have to buy my books right away?

Yes, absolutely!
You are required to purchase your books as quickly as possible after you receive your schedule.
Course schedules are distributed the day before classes begin. It is your responsibility to go to the book store to purchase your books before classes begin. If the book store does not have your books on the shelf, contact the Textbook Manager to place an order for your books.
NMSU campus bookstore price matches – please ask your cashier for this information.


4. During Session

Do I have to take all levels?

  • Following the English Proficiency Test, students are placed in one of the five levels, based on their proficiency. In order to complete the CELP program, depending upon the level a student is placed in, all succeeding levels must be completed, through and including the Academic (105) level.
  • In order to move from one level to the next, a student must achieve at least 70% in all classes.
  • A student who earns less than 70% in one class must repeat that class, but may advance to the next level in all other classes.
  • A student who earns less than 70% in two or more classes must repeat that entire level.
  • A student who is required to repeat one or more classes is placed on Academic Probation.
  • If a student repeats a level two times and still does not achieve 70% in all classes, that student will be dismissed from the program.
  • In order to receive a New Mexico State University English Test Waiver, a student must complete all course in the Academic Level (Level 105) with at least 70% in all classes.

How many hours per day will I be in class, and how many weeks for each level?

  • Total in-class time per level is 20 hours per week for 8 weeks (160 contact hours).
  • Classes that meet 2 days per week meet for 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes) per day.
  • Classes that meet 3 days per week meet for 100 minutes (1 hour 40 minutes) per day.
  • Classes that meet 4 days per week meet for 75 minutes (1 hour 15 minutes) per day.

How many classes may I miss?

  • All IEP students are given three (3) absences per session for each course in which they are registered.
  • Therefore, a full-time IEP student receives twelve (12) absences per session.
  • A part-time student registered in one (1) class receives three (3) absences, two (2) classes receive six (6) absences, or three (3) classes receive nine (9) absences.
  • Students are considered registered when their schedules are generated in the CELP main office.
  • Absences are counted from first day classes begin, even if the student has not picked up his/her schedule from the CELP main office.

Can I take NMSU courses at the same time I am enrolled in CELP courses?

No. CELP is a full time program designed to increase English proficiency. Upon completion, it will provide students with the tools necessary to successfully navigate academic classes.

If I travel in the United States while I am enrolled in CELP, why do I have to tell someone?

Come to the CELP office to complete a travel form prior to traveling within the United States. You must not travel until this form has been submitted to the CELP office. On this form, you will let the office know where you are traveling and who your emergency contact is, should you need assistance while you are away from campus. Visit the CELP Program Specialist, Sr. for more information.

When are holidays in the CELP program?
When planning your vacations and trips, please refer to the NMSU Academic Calendar for holiday dates.


5. Post Session

The session is finished. When do I get my grades?

Your instructors will notify you when grade reports will be available to pick up in the CELP main office. You must pick up your grades. No one else is allowed to pick up your grades.

Will my CELP grades count toward my GPA?

CELP is a non-credit program.
The grades you receive for your intensive English classes will not count toward your GPA.


6. Emergency Departure

I have to leave for a family or other emergency. I cannot complete the program and/or session. What do I do?

You must come to the CELP office as soon as you know you must leave. You are required to complete withdrawal paperwork PRIOR to your departure. Do not leave the program without completing withdrawal paperwork. You will take withdrawal paperwork to ISSS to notify them that you will leave. ISSS will help you process the necessary government paperwork PRIOR to your departure.


If your Question was not answered feel free to contact us.



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