Step 4: Application Home Page


You should see a webpage similar to this:

This application may be completed in any order you wish. You may also save and come back to the application later. The information displayed contains contact information for each NMSU campus, a ★START APPLICATION button that will direct you to begin the application. You will also see a  APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS button that will direct you to brief instructions. Finally, there will be a Submit Application button. Only click this after you have completed your application as it will send your application to NMSU.

This page also contains a sidebar navigation menu this will always display:

 Application for Admission

  • This link will direct you to the Application Home Page.

NMSU Undergraduate Application

These are the sections of the application. Clicking on each link will direct you to the corresponding section.  On your first visit, you will not see the International Information section. This will not display unless you have selected Foreign Citizen (Passport and visa will be requested as needed) or Other Immigrant Status (Non-U.S. Citizen) in the Personal Information section. Detailed instructions for each section can be found in Step 5.

  • Enrollment Information

  • Personal Information

  • Residency Information

  • Secondary Contact Information

  • Academic Information

  • International Information

  • Other

Important Links

  • Downloadable Forms

  • Check Your Application

  • Application Instructions

    • This will display helpful instructions and list instructions on how to upload transcripts.


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